Coal Seam Gas
Informing the Community

Land Access Agreement

A landmark agreement on land access for coal seam gas operations in NSW.

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CSG Exclusion Zones

The NSW Government has announced new safeguards for high-quality farmland and residential areas across NSW from mining and coal seam gas projects.

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What you need to know

Frequently asked questions about coal seam gas.


Our Gas Supply

Coal seam and natural gas make up the gas supply currently piped into homes and businesses across NSW.

What is CSG?

  • CSG is mostly methane, a non-toxic gas naturally present in the air we breathe.
  • The CSG industry in NSW is subject to the toughest controls in Australia.
  • Hydraulic fracturing has been used for more than 40 years in Australia.
  • Many wells in NSW don't need fracturing to bring gas to the surface.
  • Natural gas from coal seams has been produced in Camden, NSW since 2001.
  • Over 1.1 million consumers in NSW rely on gas for their homes and businesses.
  • Access to affordable gas is essential to NSW achieving economic growth targets.
  • Title holders must rehabilitate all well sites and surrounding lands.
  • The CSIRO has said that groundwater contamination from CSG operations is low risk.
  • 95% of the NSW gas supply is currently piped in from interstate.
  • NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer is conducting an independent review of CSG activities.
  • The Valuer General has launched a study on the impact of the CSG industry on land values.
  • The Office of Coal Seam Gas is working closely with the EPA as lead regulator.
  • The Chief Scientist's review of CSG activity will continue into 2014.
  • In NSW, water sharing plans set extraction limits for river and groundwater sources.
  • The NSW Office of Water has more than 3,000 monitoring bores across the state.
  • The Land and Water Commissioner is working on standard land access agreements.
  • Hydraulic fracturing also occurs in other industries, like farming and coal mining.
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